Leveraging AI for Smarter Vehicle Damage Assessments

Laird’s Innovation with Swiftcase

In an exciting development for the automotive industry, Laird has embraced a significant upgrade from Swiftcase, enriching their smart VDA services with advanced artificial intelligence. This enhancement heralds a new era of faster, more accurate, and intelligent automotive assessments, streamlining processes like never before.

One of the most notable advancements is the ability to generate comprehensive Vehicle Damage Assessment (VDA) reports within an impressive ten-minute timeframe. This speed rivals that of conducting a basic triage, a process that determines a car’s roadworthiness, whether it’s repairable or a total loss, and consequently, if it needs to be sent to a repairer or salvage agent. For years, Laird has been at the forefront of triaging vehicles for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) teams. Now, thanks to the augmented power and AI capabilities of the newly updated Swiftcase, generating a full VDA is as swift as a triage.

The introduction of Laird’s total loss chatbot has marked another milestone in their innovative journey. Launched last year, the chatbot has received high praise for facilitating smooth negotiations between suppliers and consumers for pre-accident value settlements on written-off vehicles. With the latest upgrades, the chatbot further enhances its utility by automating instructions to salvage agents and updating all involved parties, thereby minimising the workload on legal professionals.

For consumers, the improvements extend to the Image App link, now boasting faster processing speeds and additional customisation options. These enhancements deepen the brand connection between clients and their customers, making the system a more integral part of the service. Included within the report’s price, the app has earned consumer acclaim for its user-friendly interface that allows for quick submission of vehicle images, accelerating the reporting process and reducing overall resolution time.  Consumers get a text with a link to our system so no actual apps to download, making it quick & easy.

The expansion and enhancement of API links stand as a testament to Laird’s commitment to innovation. These upgraded links offer clients and the supply chain unprecedented visibility, interaction, and automation capabilities. This not only cuts down on the time spent by legal professionals but also improves efficiency across the board. For instance, hire car departments and external hirers are now instantly informed about a vehicle’s roadworthiness status and the expected duration of the hire, enhancing the repair management process by providing timely updates on any delays and adjusted hire periods.

These upgrades, effective immediately, encapsulate Laird’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions in vehicle assessment and management. Typically included within the report’s cost, these innovations promise to set new benchmarks in service quality and efficiency, demonstrating Laird’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry.

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