Desktop Reports

CPR compliant Desktop Reports are fully accepted by Courts, sharing 99% of their DNA with Physical reports. At FNOL we can automatically send a link to the driver allowing them to send curated images of their vehicle for our desktop engineers to work from.  (No app to download) Alternatively we can send professional photographers, typically same day, to provide the images.

Insurance Companies, Accident Management Companies & Solicitors have enjoyed the speed & economical benefits of desktop vehicle damage assessments (VDA) for many years now. Our API allows seamless software integration to allow simple, instantaneous instructions, with rapid return of information direct to your system. Desk Top (or virtual) reports can be turned round in hours, often minutes when urgent.

Desk Top & Virtual Reports from our In-House Engineering Team

Using configurable API links, and Audatex and Glass’s estimating networks we can negotiate repair costs and authorise repairs within hours & minutes; instantly where urgent. Ideal for Insurance Companies, Fleet Management, Accident Management Companies where accuracy, economy & key-to-key time reductions are important.

Our API connects to most systems to ensure high speed, 100% accurate two way data transfer. We have full installation documentation and experienced IT support teams on hand to assist. It can be completed in hours but the time saving to claims handlers, fee earners, & other staff is significant.


Desktop reports, also known as Virtual Reports and Vehicle Damage Assessments, are complied by fully qualified engineers, salvage categorised by Appropriately Qualified People (AQP) & augmented by our award winning support team. They are Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) and General Terms of Agreement (GTA) compliant, so fully accepted by all types of Courts.

We can also analyse evidence and provide forensic opinion reports where the vehicle is no longer available for a physical engineer’s examination, e.g. when it has been written off, burnt out, scrapped or stolen.

We provide Desktop Reports on the following:

  • Vehicle Accident Damage (Vehicle Damage Assessment VDA)
  • Vehicle Valuations including Classic, Super & Specialist cars
  • Salvage Valuations & Categorisations by AQP qualified engineers
  • Diminution in Value (loss of value)
  • Repair Estimate Agreement, Audit and / or Authorisation
  • Forensic Accident Damage Analysis
  • Vehicle Data Collaboration
  • Multiple Estimate Comparison
  • Damage Consistency
  • Low Velocity Impact / Causation
  • Part Prices Approval
  • Invoice Check
  • Supplementary Estimate Review

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