Audatex Estimate Request

We provide a range of solutions for bodyshops requiring Audatex estimates. We compile Audatex estimates based on images for repairers without an Audatex estimating system. We also complement existing bodyshops who require estimator cover during holidays or spikes in work. We cover the entire UK to ensure no drop in SLAs for repairers.

Our estimating function can be utilised as part of VDA cover or a complete outsourced solution for your bodyshop without the added cost of having an estimating system built in.

All you need to provide to us is some basic information;

Any agreed rates – if unavailable we will calculate the estimate and what we consider to be fair & reasonable average retail rates

Network code – let us know where to send the estimate to we will forward on your behalf

Work provider requirements – we’re aware that some insurers have set requirements when networking estimates; to avoid delays providing these from the outset, should speed up your authorisation time

We provide two types of Audatex report:

Audatex Standard Estimate

£50.00 + VAT

For standard vehicles that are listed on Audatex we will produce a full estimate on your behalf.

  • Fully Costed Estimate
  • Images included

Network estimate & Repair management

£75.00 + VAT

As well as all of the above we will also network the estimate to the chosen insurer/Claims management company/Assessor with your images. We will also liaise directly with you with any responses, authorisations, amendments made by the provider

If you find any latent damage your first supplementary will be included within this price

  • Fully Costed Estimate
  • Images included
  • Networked estimate (The repairer takes responsibility to obtain requirements of estimates to be networked these can include Network code, tyre depths but are usually specific to each provider)
  • Supplementary report

Kindly fill in your details & we will be in contact shortly. Alternatively, if you’re ready to go, fill in the entire form if you have images of the vehicle available.

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