Cars & Motoring Magazine

Cars & Motoring magazine is our free car magazine curated by our engineers, hand picking some of the most interesting news & stories from the world of cars and motoring.

We huge car fans here at Laird, so we love bringing you the very best UK motor news, with plenty of emphasis on supercars, motorsports & breaking stories, in our free car magazine.

We also include interesting stuff from around the world, including hybrid cars, classic cars, motorbikes, new technology, car crashes, spy shots, model launches & car reviews.

There’s a little bit about insurance & legal news relating to motoring, together with a few unusual stories from around the globe. We sometimes road test cars for other magazines & our reviews can be found here too.

There’s also virtually no adverts apart from the odd one from us!

No signing up or anything, no spam, just read for free.

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