Supercars & Specialist Vehicles

Specialist vehicles require specialist knowledge. We have a variety of experts who specialise in the valuation, assessment and forensic examination of super-cars, hyper-cars, classic cars, electric (EV) and hybrid cars, bicycles and commercial HGVs.


We have been members of various super-car clubs dating back to F1 World Champion Damon Hill’s P1 club & are regularly instructed by the UK’s super car dealers & specialists. Supercars such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren, Pagani, Aston Martin together with more popular marques fast cars like 911 GT2 / GT3, Audi R8, Ford GT do not appear in normal repair or price guides, so need an experienced eye to assist with estimating repairs and valuations; slight variations in model can have a massive effect on desirability. We have found that popular price guides can be widely inaccurate with this sort of vehicle.

They are often built with materials such as carbon fibre, plastics, aluminium which require specialist knowledge of how they react during an impact and best repair methods & practices.

Specialist Vehicles

Electric Vehicles / Hybrids

We have a selection of engineers specially trained by Thatcham to assess the correct & safe methods for repairing hybrid or electric vehicles, which often have very different electrical systems to the traditional 12v car.


As keen cyclists we have bicycle specialists in both road and mountain bikes for damage & valuation purposes, including electric cycles.  With bicycles evolving significantly over the last few years, an expert cycle engineer is essential for providing accurate information.


We have a number of motorcycle engineers & get involved in a number of bike events throughout the year.  Motorbikes have many specialist items, ideally assessed by trained motorcycle engineers.  With significant technological advances in recent years, accurate valuations are essential.

Commercial Vehicles / HGV

We have an excellent relationship with the commercial vehicle bodyshops dotted throughout the UK & access to specialist HGV information, particularly important when custom bodies or trailers are involved.

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All reports comply with Civil Procedures Rules & adhere to the same super-high standards of our car reports.

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