Our Technology department are here to help. We have dedicated customer support teams to ensure seamless and easy integration between our suppliers, clients and third party data providers.

Our case management system sits at the centre of links to over a dozen data sources & suppliers together with dozens of our clients. Open source API allows us to interface between the many software products used by insurance, legal & motor trade clients including bespoke software. We provide documentation & full IT support to manage this network.

API Integration

We understand the importance of technology, so our API allows you, through the use of JSON on XML, to directly integrate your case management system to ours.

When you click send a case will automatically be logged on our system with all the relevant information pulled from your system, giving you a reference immediately after the data is sent, this reduces the booking and administration time allowing us to get our report to you faster. The Laird API can also be configured to automatically return data and files, so once our report is completed the information on your system can be automatically filled out with what we have in our report, the PDF report and images can also be automatically pulled to your file management system, meaning no time duplicating information from our report and no waiting for emails containing our files.

Whilst our API system is highly adaptable and easily implemented, it is recommended to have a skilled developer handle the integration of our API to your systems.

Automated Repair Management

Liaises with repairers on a regular interval to chase and obtain estimates.  Seamlessly links to bespoke service level agreements (ie can chase later and set periods / actions).  It provides customers, referrers & the supply chain with automatic updates throughout the case.  Ensures prompt repair delivery and avoids third party capture.  Reduces Customers downtime of having to manage repairers.

We can also provide an advanced version which allows the repairers to automatically interact with the case and provide accurate updates including reasons for delays such as; Client availability, Vehicle not on site, Estimate cancelled.  This upgraded version provides an autonomous cohesion between repair management and customer management, while Repairers updates are automatically provided directly to our partners.

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Image App Inspections

Our Imaging app allows car drivers to self-serve by taking a guide series of images of their vehicle including mileage, chassis numbers and of course various defined angles of the damage. This app is available white-labelled for our clients, free of charge, to provide to their customers to give an extra dimension of customer service and speed.

It is easy to set up & is similar to the systems used by many insurers to provide secure and instant reporting.

Chatbot Integration

Many of the routines carried out by our engineers are supplemented by chatbots where there is a ‘set play’. For example letting a client know that their vehicle is a total loss & explaining the salvage category, pre-accident value, salvage disposal.  These can be done by chatbots when convenient, for example to assist the client out of hours or to augment our staff during peak times.

Our chatbots are there to enhance our human service and ultimately drive down key-to-key repair times.

Bespoke Technology Solutions

We partner with our clients and suppliers to create bespoke, and often groundbreaking, technology solutions to help their business model evolve.  We’re open minded to any projects & with a wide range of skilled developers we have the skills to solve problems with innovative tech.

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