Accident Reconstruction

Vehicle Accident Damage Reports are our speciality. We consider that we do this better than anyone else in the UK. This bold statement is backed by substance. We can provide an instruction-to-report service in under an hour. We have the greatest coverage of engineers throughout the UK.

The Expert Accident Investigator will piece together the known facts and work backwards from the evidence and examination to determine the most probable cause of the accident. Our investigation will tend to reveal with which party the fault lies.

What do our Forensic Engineers do?

We start with the accident scene where we can access, collect & collate a variety of useful data. We consider data such as the distance the vehicles have moved from the point of the collision, we measure the road surface’s coefficient of friction, lines of sight, etc.

Where required we fully measure and photograph the scene.

Vehicles are often moved from the scene to allow traffic movement to continue and disputes can arise weeks or months later. Therefore we may have to piece the reconstruction together from the information we have available.

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How is an Accident Reconstruction used?

Our Forensic Engineers prepare a report with Court proceedings in mind, detailing their findings, opinion of what happened and a clear conclusion. We focus on the main questions raised in the case. In a Criminal case this may be to determine the speed of the driver pre-accident, to prove or disprove a speeding offence. In a Civil case a Solicitor or insurance Company are interested in where liability sits and the quantum to be claimed.

A three dimensional reconstruction can also be requested which brings to life in seconds and minutes what an expert may take hours to explain in Court. This is available following data analysis from an accident.

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