We provide expert based first notification of loss (FNOL) solutions for insurance or claims management. We provide work flow driven processes to ensure maximum efficiency & an excellent customer experience.

Upon instruction from your FNOL, our automated systems deploy a weblink via SMS (text) to the driver.  This will allow them to open up a simple web-based platform (no need to download an app) that will guide them through a series of images of the vehicle, its damage & identifiers.

Once they click upload, using a combination of AI & in-house engineers, we provide a triage assessment, typically categorising the vehicle as either a total loss, repairable, smart-repairable or needs further investigation.  If helpful, our automation can also instruct your approved repairers or salvage agents based on geographical position and availability.

We will assess if the vehicle is roadworthy or not.  The app can also be white labeled with your branding.

Triage Advantages

  • Early decisions on whether to provide replacement vehicle.
  • Identification on whether to deploy repairs resulting in significant savings of vehicles unnecessarily being recovered to repairs saving repairers time unnecessary effort of producing an estimate.
  • Automated instruction to the repairer, smart-repairer or salvage agent.
  • Identification for total loss allowing our customers to instantly deploy salvage agents and ensuring vehicles follow the correct routes from the outset reducing unrecoverable hire days and savings of unnecessary vehicle movement costs and time

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