Total Loss Car Valuation Disputes

Valuing a vehicle isn’t tricky.  There’s some great industry data out there & often plenty of adverts for similar cars for comparison.

The biggest issue is that the owner often doesn’t realise how much their car diminishes in value over the months and years.  The finance owed could be more than the car’s worth.  Spending lots of money on repairs rarely increases the value of the car.

Therefore a driver’s perception of a value and the actual realistic market value can be two very different figures.

Receiving a pre-accident value query from your client is time consuming, can unsettle them, and can delay their claim.

The Solution

Our AI powered ChatBot, agrees the pre-accident value with the client prior to report completion, preventing any potential disputes, also offering examples to substantiate the agreed value.

Agreeing figures with the owner of the vehicle prior to report completion, streamlines the claim process, reduces admin time, and increases the service as a whole.

  • Our Total-Loss ChatBots have the capability to directly reach an agreement on the pre-accident value issues with your client.
  • The ChatBot can secure the necessary authorisation to handle the disposal of salvage and subsequently notify your approved salvage agents.
  • Increased KPI performance and improved customer service, 24/7 customer support, will assist and comply with new Consumer Duties.

Winns Group were one of the first to adapt our total loss chatbots and had this to say about it, The chatbot is a fantastic tool for On Engineering to contact clients regarding agreeing a valuation for their vehicle and for them to choose to either retain salvage or not.  Simple and precise questions make it easy to use for the client and we have  a very high response rate.”

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