Beyond Reports with AI Assisted Supply Chain Support

The 2024 process streamlines the handling of vehicle accidents for clients such as Accident Management Companies, Solicitors, and Fleets, with advanced supply chain support.

Clients can instruct the necessary actions through API links or by emailing instructions, which are processed via AI. This initiates an Image Link sent to the driver or policy holder via text, guiding them through capturing images of their vehicle’s damage, mileage, chassis number, etc. The process is designed for simplicity, eliminating the need for downloading additional apps, and can be customized with the client’s branding.

Damage assessment is primarily conducted by highly qualified engineers, although AI technology aids in assessing light damage and data capture. Automated data sources like Audatex and Glass’s are utilised to compile accurate reports, which can be sent directly to clients’ systems through API integration. Rapid triage options are available to quickly direct vehicles to appropriate approved bodyshops or salvage agents, with considerations for arranging hire cars if necessary.

Supply chain management is automated to save clients time, with actions like instructing repairers and coordinating workflow handled seamlessly. Clients have access to an interactive portal for immediate access to case details, estimates, and images, with varying levels of access tailored to their needs.

Communication with the driver or policy holder is maintained throughout the process, with updates provided via text or email as per their preference. Chatbots assist in certain processes like determining values for total loss vehicles, while a voicebot ensures 24/7 customer service availability.

Despite its tech-driven approach, we emphasises its experienced and friendly team, aiming to adapt its services to meet each client’s unique requirements. The overarching goal is to enhance the repair industry supply chain by providing swift vehicle damage intelligence, reducing the workload for case handlers, minimising key-to-key times, and improving the overall consumer experience.

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