Laird Sign AI Code of Conduct in Claims

Code of Conduct for the Development, Implementation, and Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Claims

Laird have taken a keen interest from the start & have assisted in discussions surrounding the compilation of this code to guide the use of AI in the claims industry.

MD Nik Ellis said, “We’ve been benefiting from AI and intelligent automation within Laird for some time thanks to our work & development with Swiftcase, so it’s great to see some rationalisation of aims within the claims supply chain”

The voluntary code of conduct sets out principles for companies, individuals, and associations involved in utilising AI for claims management.

Key points include a commitment to ethical behaviour and responsibility, ensuring AI systems prioritise safety, security, and robustness. Transparency and explainability are emphasised, with decision-making logic being transparent and understandable.

Fairness is crucial, with AI-driven systems operating impartially and regularly audited for bias. Governance mechanisms are to be established to ensure accountability and compliance with ethical standards.

Additionally, claimants must have avenues for contesting AI decisions and seeking redress, with clear procedures in place for dispute resolution. Overall, the Code aims to ensure AI is used to deliver fair, equitable, and accountable outcomes in claims management.

We look forward to seeing how the code develops over time and as AI & claims management evolves.

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