How Technology gives us a Competitive Edge

To be competitive means giving a superior service & product, offering the best value and / or giving added value items, so how does tech help this?

Efficiency & Accuracy

Technology allows us to streamline our processes, meaning we can offer great value to our clients.  For example we use a series of automation routines & safety nets to speed us through certain tasks such as data entry and many aspects of our report generation, which significantly increases our efficiency.  The added benefit is error reduction; our engineers are brilliant, but only human!

Speed With Communication

Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) set up our engineers to capitalise on their human skills to finalise reports. This gives clients a rapid triage or the intelligence they need meaning the vehicle is sent to the correct repairer or salvage agent, hire cars authorised where unroadworthy, etc without delay, reducing key-to-key times while simultaneously giving better customer service.

We’ve started using Visual Intelligence (VI) to provide almost instantaneous reporting; the tech is still in its infancy and whilst accuracy is imperative, it is ideal for certain assessments such as clear total losses.  Watch this space…

Added Value

Technology allows us to give loads of added value services to our clients, in particular clear control & communication throughout the entire supply chain, dramatically cutting down time consuming phone calls & emails.  The transparency that tech affords strengthens trust & communication. Our chatbots running 24/7 can augment the 9-5 humans again enhancing both our client’s experience and in turn, their clients.

Management Information

From a managerial overview position, the data analysis provided by tech helps us identify trends, patterns, opportunities for improvement.  This enables us to make data driven decisions not just for the work flow, but extending to other departments.  For example it allows our marketing team to refine our target demographic so we’re putting our message in front of the right people.  Our finance team can see payment trends for clients allowing them to make informed decisions.

Agile & Adaptable

Cloud based tech was our saviour during the pandemic.  It’s incredible adaptability allowed us to work & communicate well from home easily.  The company paused for a little over an hour when we first sent everyone home.  The agility that tech affords is unparalleled elsewhere in business.

2023 is already an incredible year for technology, in particular AI enabled products like ChatGPT; products that exponentially leap us forward, giving that competitive edge, allowing us to realise our dreams and being able to innovate quicker than ever, sharpening our competitive edge.  We’re excited for what the future holds.

Reproduced from Modern Insurance Magazine

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