MI Reports

We’re delighted to announce another upgrade for our clients in the form of a regular case update.

Volume clients can now request a daily or weekly update on the status of all of their work in progress.  Waiting on information is the main cause of delayed reports, and with key-to-key times so critical, it’s vital we turn our reports around as swiftly as possible.  Much of the time we are waiting for information which we will have attempted to obtain often from drivers or policy-holders or sometime we’re waiting for a bodyshop to strip a car to check for hidden damage and / or send their full estimate, for example.

Our new case update allows our clients to see the status of all of their vehicles on a regular report, rather than using our portal to see individual cases.  Clients also want to reduce key-to-key times and thus their reports sent, so often help us find or chase the information we require.

The report gives a clear overview of all vehicles, registration numbers, client case number & the current status of the case, but can be customised to include any info required.

If you would like this extra feature (foc) please let us know here.

With many thanks to the team at Swiftcase for their constant kaizen approach to our progression.

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