International Women’s Day 2023

Engineers & Managers from Laird

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March to commemorate the inspiring social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. In the automotive industry, this day takes on special significance, as the traditionally male dominated sector continues to make strides in promoting opportunities for women across the board.

In the past few decades, we have witnessed a significant transition in the automotive industry towards equal opportunities and recognition for female professionals. Lauren & Sarah, just two of our many awesome engineers said, “It is empowering to show that women can also be kick ass engineers within the motor industry. I’m proud to work for a company who encourages women to become engineers.” Absolutely right they are!

As part of recognising our female employees here at Lairds, we asked them what International Women’s Day means to them, “Working for Lairds is an empowering experience as all employees, whether male or female are encouraged, boosted and nurtured to fulfil their best potential, as a woman in work, I feel that an employer like this is second to none and feel proud to be a woman within the Laird Assessors team”-Hayley, Head of Languages.

Emma, Engineer Liaison Supervisor told us that, “Being a woman in this industry means holding your own, believing in your own strengths and being each other’s cheerleader. It’s not necessarily about us being stronger because we are strong… it’s about inclusivity and changing perceptions.”

Here at Laird, each & every one of our valued employees play an integral role in shaping the future both internally but also further afield & across the industry as a whole. Our employees are at the heart of our company, we are committed to creating a ‘proud to work here’ environment, full of fulfilment, opportunities where each team member feels valued & respected regardless of gender.

Let us continue to strive for brilliance, challenge the norm & inspire our future generations to come.

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