Poaching our staff – flattered or mad?

We have recently had reports that a number of our staff engineers are being approached by our competitors via LinkedIn – should we be mad or flattered?

We absolutely choose to be flattered! We work very hard on our culture as seen at our recent summer meeting. We have built a strong ethos and implemented fantastic values that all of our staff have intrinsically taken on board. It is therefore absolutely no wonder to us why our competitors want to steal our staff!

Every single one of our previous Engineers that have left the company, bar one, have asked to return to Laird. That says it all for us on what it’s like on the other side – the grass is definitely not always greener.

Our Engineering Manager recently spoke to our Engineers about this and told them “If there’s an issue, tell us, let’s see if we can work constructively to create Laird a truly more fantastic place to work for us all. If you’re tempted by the sways and bargaining of these companies, good luck, we’ll help you write your CV and provide you with a glowing reference to help you along the way.

We want people that are committed to what we believe in and ideas such as unlimited holidays wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the right people in the right places so think long and hard and talk to us beforehand.”

‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’.

I don’t think anyone could put it better if they tried. This attitude from Lee completely epitomises our culture at Laird. If you want to be part of this epic culture- email pippa.saunders@laird-assessors.com and we can have a chat!

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