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The average person in the UK works 43.6 hours a week. If you don’t like what you do – that’s a long time being unhappy each week. That is why, everything we do here at Laird is done to try and ensure that our employees are happy and feel enjoyment on a daily basis. This is not always easy – and as a Manager, you tend to only hear when people are unhappy or down. Which is why, when the following email popped into our inbox – well, we just had to share it. It seems we’re doing something right:

Just thought that I would drop you both a quick (unless I start talking total rubbish…) email so that you can both see what you have from the perspective of an employee.

As you know by now, I have become a massive Laird fan as well as an employee. I like to think that we are the friendlier side of the industry. We approach everything with enthusiasm and professionalism. I see this daily from the people that I visit. They like us, and more to the point we like them. It never feels like “just a business appointment.”

I came home from our summer meeting buzzing (not due to the alcohol intake the night before) because of what I had experienced the day before. I kept thinking about it over the weekend and kept coming up with the same thought, everybody is so into the company and thoroughly enjoys their work within Laird. But, you cannot have that attitude freely without the people at the top of the company to make it happen.

Nik, you gave some great speeches on Friday, you really make people feel involved, and part of the team. Lee, you make the day to day side of things so unbelievably manageable with your attitude towards people and getting the best out of them. It works for me (…) Laird is the way forward.

It got me thinking about the whole and wider aspect of team work. I would like to think that everybody is always honest when it comes to management and director levels. But you guys don’t always get to really see what everybody is honestly thinking. I knew that everyone within Laird was happy and enthusiastic, I saw that straight away when I did my training.

I have never known a company like it. I have never known such a great team spirit, I have never worked with so many positive people. I have never worked with a company that every day is a breath of fresh air.

Any how, just thought that I would let you know how everybody feels. Because let’s face it, people don’t always find the time to do so.

What everybody has at Laird is a rare situation.

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