How Do Experts Keep Up With New Car Technology

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The Modern Car

The Automotive world has seen an exponential increase in the sheer amount of technology utilised in modern cars.  Steel has been replaced with carbon fibre, aluminium & composite plastics, manufacturing plants now have robots printing in 3D, parts unimaginable just a few years ago.  Stronger, lighter, more controllable materials to increase fuel efficiency, comfort, safety & performance are all part of new car technology.

Lamborghini's AI powered LDVI system
Lamborghini’s AI powered LDVI system

Once we were in awe of the airbag but now the modern vehicle has several passive & active safety & helpful aids fitted, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  Command modules now infiltrate and control of the entire engine, transmission, suspension & steering working with AI powered software.  Electric & hybrid cars are common place today whilst regenerative braking, self-driving & IoT connected equipment is rapidly advancing.

The Modern Car Expert

As an automotive expert, keeping abreast of modern vehicles is a constant round of exploring, training, testing, communicating – there’s a lot to learn but it’s not all one sided.  We can also take advantage of technologies that simply weren’t around just a few years ago.  

Future technology in carsFor example we can now call upon big data to help us.  We use some particularly clever software to pull all the data we need from multiple sources automatically.  Most are stand alone industry systems such as the DVLA, estimating systems, car valuation guides, history checks, etc.  Jobs done manually not that many years ago.

But we don’t stop there.  We need to make decisions based on much of this data, and in many circumstances we follow the same path for similar cases, so we can automate much of this into the software.  Our software, Swiftcase, allows our experts to manipulate data incredibly efficiently & produce reports or simply data to empower clients.  Human expertise with tech speeds is a great combination.

New Car Technology

Technology also allows us to communicate with our clients and their end users (drivers).  For our clients we provide information direct to their systems, could be a full report, could be our FNOL triage findings.  To ensure their clients are completely satisfied too, we’ve added chatbots to our software – it’s all very well to have a booking system up 24/7, but what if the user has questions?  We want immediate satisfaction in this modern world, so this allows us to sort most of the more common issues.

Whilst the modern motor vehicle is a million miles away from the horseless carriages seen a hundred years ago, the technological revolution is advancing so rapidly that it feels like we’re upgrading from horses to cars almost on a daily basis.  Wonder what we’ll discover next year?  Any ideas?  Let us know here.

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