Laird’s Image App & Supply Chain Automation

We’re excited to share how our Image App and automated systems streamline the process of assessing vehicle damage thus expediting key-to-key times following an accident.

Upon receiving instructions from your First Notification of Loss (FNOL), our system swiftly sends our smart image app web link via SMS (text) directly to the driver involved. This link opens up a user-friendly web-based application (no apps to download) designed to guide them through capturing images of the vehicle, its damage, and relevant identifiers.

Within seconds of the driver / policy holder taking their images, they are uploaded, our advanced technology, powered by a combination of Artificial Intelligence and our in-house engineering expertise, swiftly assess & triage the damage. This assessment typically categorises the vehicle as either total loss, repairable, smart-repairable, or in rare cases in need of further investigation.

What sets our system apart is its ability to provide immediate instructions to your approved repairers or salvage agents based on your logic, typically based on geographical location and availability. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that the right actions are taken promptly, optimising the entire claims process.  If required we can extend beyond this with repairer management, hire car team instructions, delay updates, valuation settlements, and anything else that our report would trigger.

Our system evaluates whether the vehicle is roadworthy, providing crucial information for decision-making within the hire car teams. Additionally, for added convenience and professionalism, the application can be white-labeled with your branding, offering a seamless experience for your customers.

Key advantages of this image app / triage system:

  1. Hire Car Decisions: We enable early decisions on whether to provide a replacement vehicle, facilitating smoother transitions for the driver and minimising disruption.
  2. Efficient Repairs: By accurately identifying the extent of damage, our system helps determine whether the vehicle is repairable and can be assigned to the approved repairer, smart-repairer or salvage agent, thus reducing storage or hire costs.
  3. Automated Instructions: With automated instructions sent directly to repairers, smart-repairers, or salvage agents, the process becomes more streamlined and responsive.
  4. Identification of Total Loss: Identifying vehicles as total losses allows for prompt deployment of salvage agents, ensuring that vehicles follow the correct routes from the outset. This helps reduce unrecoverable hire days and unnecessary vehicle movement costs and time.

Our automated triage system offers a comprehensive solution for assessing vehicle damage efficiently and effectively. By leveraging advanced technology, we aim to simplify the claims process while maximizing savings and customer satisfaction.

We provide these services for a small charge, but will include them within the cost of an engineers report for volume clients.  For a chat about how we can assist including customer supply chain workflows & automation please contact us here.

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