A Comprehensive Overview of our Smart Image App

In the dynamic world of the motor industry, efficient claims supply-chain processing is paramount to maintaining operational integrity and client satisfaction. Our smart Image App has emerged as a cornerstone solution, revolutionising the landscape of claims management for motor industry professionals. Here’s a detailed guide to its functionality and benefits:

1. Initiation through FNOL

The journey begins with your First Notice of Loss (FNOL), where you provide essential instructions that kickstart the claims assessment process with precision and clarity.  Most case management systems with API can be connected easily & with the support of our IT team.

2. Automated Communication

Upon FNOL submission, our system automatically deploys tailored text instructions to your policy holder or driver, ensuring swift action and seamless coordination.

3. Guided Image Capture Experience

Drivers are directed through a user-friendly process via a unique weblink, facilitating the systematic capture of essential images related to the claim. This intuitive interface ensures consistency and completeness in documentation.  There is no app to download.

4. Immediate Vehicle Triage and Interim Reporting

Captured images undergo rapid analysis, enabling immediate triage of the vehicle. An interim report is promptly generated and disseminated, providing timely updates on the important and salient information.

5. Expedited Instructions to Approved Service Providers

Based on assessment outcomes, your approved repairers or salvage agents are promptly instructed, expediting the initiation of necessary repairs or salvage operations.  Further information or management of the repairs, including delays or issues, can be communicated back to your team.

6. Transparent Communication with Hire Teams

Our platform ensures transparent communication with your hire team, keeping them informed of the vehicle’s roadworthiness status and the anticipated duration of repair. This transparency enables efficient resource allocation and planning.

7. Detailed Full Reporting

Following the initial assessment, a comprehensive & CPR compliant Vehicle Damage Assessment (VDA) report is compiled, offering a detailed overview of assessment findings and recommended actions to be taken.

8. Accessible and Customisable Interface

The app’s weblink-only requirement ensures effortless accessibility for clients, without the need for app downloads. Furthermore, our platform is white-labeled, allowing seamless integration with your branding and messaging, enhancing professionalism and reinforcing brand identity.

9. Reduction in Turnaround Times

By automating critical processes and facilitating seamless communication, our smart Image App significantly reduces key-to-key times, minimising disruptions and accelerating claims resolution.

10. Complimentary Offering for Volume Clients

As a demonstration of our commitment to partnership and value, Laird’s Image App is offered free of charge to volume clients, ensuring accessibility to cutting-edge claims management solutions subject to some fair usage T&Cs.

Our smart Image App stands as a beacon of innovation in the motor industry, combining advanced technology with user-centric design to deliver unparalleled efficiency, precision, and transparency in claims management.

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