The Secret To Winning Team Awards

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Recruiting the Best

We’ve always had a problem recruiting staff, mainly because we’re super fussy. One of our big selling points is our outstanding service, so the staff have to be something special. We’ve won plenty of customer service awards for Yes qualifications are handy, experience even more so, but by far & away ethos & attitude is massively important to us.

We’re a somewhat unorthodox company, encouraging a very relaxed culture; no set working hours, bring your dogs in, wear what you want, and so much more, but in return we ask our people to go above & beyond. We want to amaze our clients so our teams have authority to use best judgement, meaning that sometimes, it’s OK to trust your gut & do something left-field if it means a better end result.

We’ve used recruitment companies in the past & at best they were below par. The biggest problem was their pushy sales techniques, trying to push anyone who had the word ‘engineer’ our way. We decided to bring all of our recruitment in house & it didn’t take us long to discover that our recruiter was great at sifting through CVs & brilliant at interview techniques. But she wasn’t a marketer, so the dark art of advertising was a bit hit & miss.

Advertising the position is an important task but knowing what type of person would fit best allows a marketeer to subtly change messages to appeal to the right person. “Do you want this job, yes or no?” would appeal to a decision maker but would horrify a detail person. So we used a top (award winning) marketing team to create the adverts using some psychoanalytical techniques, rather than the recruitment consultants. Likewise the HR & legal aspects were best served by our HR team & whilst on-boarding needs someone engrained in the company, to portray it’s mission, culture & ethos.

We were so successful, when the opportunity arose to become involved with a recruitment company, we jumped at the chance. Headed by Steve Rossiter, a well respected & experienced recruiter, we bubbled off our team to form Lacuna Recruitment. Today it is headed by Lucia who has evolved our theory that recruitment is actually several different skills.

We have operated in our closest connected industries, ie legal, insurance & engineering & have spread into property & construction and media & technology recruitment, sometimes doing the full recruitment process, other times just doing specific parts, typically for a fixed fee.

Take a look at Lacuna’s website & we’d be delighted to introduce you to Lucia & her team.

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