The Advantages of Triage

Our triage service offers a streamlined and efficient solution for handling vehicle damage assessments for accident management or insurer clients. Here’s the benefits:

  1. Easy Access: Upon reporting the incident to your FNOL team, they can send a weblink via SMS to the driver. This link opens a web-based platform, eliminating the need for app downloads. The driver can then easily upload images of the vehicle and its damage.
  2. Quick Assessment: Using AI and in-house engineers (depending on the level of damage), we provide a swift triage assessment. Vehicles are categorised as either total loss, repairable, smart-repairable, or needing further investigation, within minutes.
  3. Automated Instructions: Based on the assessment, our system can automatically instruct your approved repairer network or salvage agents, taking into account geographical location, skill sets and availability.
  4. Roadworthiness Check: We determine if the vehicle is roadworthy, ensuring safety and compliance & inform your hire team accordingly, including the anticipated length of repairs & thus hire.
  5. Customisable Branding: The platform can be white-labeled with your company’s branding for a seamless customer experience.
  6. Easily Integrated: It integrates with most modern CRM systems, such as Proclaim, CAPS, Audatex, etc with APIs
  7. Full Tech Support: We provide full documentation and support to get started & optimise it for your particular business process

Integrating branded Triage systems into your service offerings strengthens the connection between your clients and their customers, making the system an indispensable component of the overall service experience. As part of our report package, the Triage weblink platform has garnered widespread consumer praise for its intuitive interface, and swift submission of vehicle images. This streamlined process not only expedites reporting but also significantly reduces the overall resolution time, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Its costs are minimal and we may be able to include it within an existing volume package.

If you’d like to learn more please contact us here or call Nik or Lee on 0151 342 9961.

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