Our In-House Engineer expanded his skills with a locus inspection

Christine Baty our Department Manager and Lee Baty our Engineering Manager went over the  do’s and don’ts of Locus with Edward Mawdsley, currently one of our In House Engineers. Ed being the sponge that he is soaked up the wisdom and went straight out to do our mock inspection.

Taking it all in his stride,  Both Christine and Lee were extremely impressed with his ability to adapt and learn; showing that a hands on approach to training may well supersede the older training manual. Following on from this short amount of training they didnt hesitate to allow Ed out on his first instruction.

Not suprisingly, Ed completed the inspection with ease he produced some well postioned images with an excellent sketch plan to boot.

We always aim to get feedback from each member of staff about out how theyfeel and what their thoughts are after any form of training, after all the employee’s interests are key; here’s what Ed had to say…

‘Having the practice cases in the vicinity of the office really helped and allowed me to go out and complete the inspection as if it was live,  Christine’s support and knowledge throughout was great. If there was anything I wasn’t sure of, she was able to point me in the right direction to ensure the images and measurements taken were correct and sufficient for the report to be compiled accurately.’

‘After my first inspection I have had some good feedback with pointers on how I can improve. I am looking forward to the opportunity to complete more Locus inspections in the future and gain the knowledge required to complete more complex inspections. ‘

We are thrilled with his response and look forward to sending Ed out in the local area, keep an eye out for Laird Hi-Vis jackets!


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