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At Laird Expert we understand the importance of speed and mitigation of costs when looking after your fleet of vehicles, thus reducing the risk of extended hire bills and inflated repair costs.

At the initial outset of an incident we have procedures in place which can determine the roadworthiness of either the fault or non-fault vehicle within a matter of hours and enabling the fleet manager or accident management company to appoint a repairer or storage facility to collect the vehicle and provide the driver with the appropriate replacement vehicle.

In terms of repairs our qualified engineers can control repair costs either by completing a physical inspection within 48 hours of instruction or 4 hours from instruction if dealt with on a desktop basis.  Our advanced IT systems will also allow for seamless data transfer enabling an efficient and accurate reporting process.  As part of our inspection process we can advise of the vehicle repair time and assist with reducing the ‘vehicle off the road time’ again reducing unnecessary hire charges.  Other key factors which our trained engineers can assist with are ensuring bodyshops have the capabilities to carry out the repair, particularly with vans, HGV’s, specialist vehicles and modern day vehicle construction.  The engineers will also ensure that the correct repair methods are used to maintain safe and cost effective repairs, reducing unnecessary post repair inspections or supplementary damage reports all of which can have huge effects on the final bill.

Separate to the accident management of a fleet, Laird Expert can assist with de-fleet inspections throughout the entire UK.  Our highly trained engineers can assess a vehicle to estimate the total cost to restore and repair a vehicle to a commercially acceptable standard, whether it be for setting recharges & fines, enabling the vehicle to be re-hired or prior to sending the vehicle to auction.  The inspection process is again seamless and efficient making sure vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum, we can also work with your specific requirements as to what may be viewed as wear & tear or the type of repair carried out.

For further information regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact one of the Business Development Team by email: or phone: 0151 342 0675.

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