Locus Reports

Locus Reports are designed to take the Court and all interested parties to the accident site.  Independent & comprehensive images, measurements & diagrams ensure a clear overview of the site, together with view points of the parties involved and other witnesses

We will visit the site of the accident and compile an accurate and comprehensive CPR compliant report

We will visit the site of the accident, with the insured driver, claimant, client, etc if required, and thoroughly examine, photograph and measure the widths of the roads, distances and any other relevant measurements.

We will consider how the traffic flows, the directions of movement in order to provide a report which will really take the Court to the scene.

Our comprehensive locus report includes details on the traffic systems, road rules and regulations including speed limits, street layout, obstructions, road side furniture, road surface, gradients and any other useful information.

We regularly customise our locus reports to show specific requirements, such as the line of sight from a junction or the view from a distant witness. We can calculate time taken at a certain speed to cross these distances & other accident reconstruction information.

We also use the same techniques to examine a personal injury site e.g a slip and trip location.

Locus Report

Highly qualified and fully trained staff engineer to carry out a physical examination of the locus (accident site).

Exact measurements of the road and any salient distances (eg point of view) plus details of how the traffic moves throughout the site.

High resolution, High Definition photographs of the scene, showing views from the Claimant, Defendant, Witness and any other views required or considered useful.

The full colour report includes a useful description of the locus, including speed limits, topography, street layout, road markings, measurements and road furniture (lamp posts, seats, etc), aerial photographs and comprehensive sketch plans.

Fast turnaround on the mainland UK

CPR complaint reports ensure our Expert Witnesses are cleared for use in litigation and court.

Upgrades include video, 3D animation and accident reconstruction.

Assists in settling pre-litigation disputes.

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