Brunch on the Boss!

We’ve done a monthly brunch on the boss here for the last year give or take but we’ve recently decided to mix it up! We are now doing it weekly but instead of for everyone, one team per week will be chosen based on their achievements that week.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean hitting targets – it could be helping a customer above and beyond their job role or implementing a new idea.  The feedback so far has been amazing and it gives us real insight into how amazing our teams are!  Here’s just some small feedback we received from individual teams:

All three of us have attended and passed the customer service training

Achieved a personal best of 114 reports in one working day, which is over double my daily target of 50 reports

We have answered 100% of phone calls made to our team

XXX has excelled his monthly tea making target of 100 brews in a month

Pushing same day inspections and as a team they managed to do at least 4 a day

It seems to be having a great effect on productivity and workplace morale already…long may it continue.  We’re super proud of how hard our teams work for our customers and we may not be quite like Virgin and Richard Branson just yet, but we do try our best to have a similar culture!

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