The Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show 2016

The Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show 2016

The Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show is the largest and most comprehensive car repair and claims event staged in Britain. Some of our engineers managed to make it to the event which caters for anyone involved in the auto body and motor insurance claims sectors.

Hosted at EventCity in Manchester our engineers donning their brand new Lairds polo shirts let us know what they thought about the event….

‘Having visited the Expo yesterday I found it very interesting to see a lot of the new innovative products that are available to the accident repair industry’ Julian Goodhead

‘It was brilliant to see some of our work providers present with the likes of Winns having stands there.’ Julian Goodhead

‘I particularly enjoyed the talk regarding the advancement of the claims industry; specifically how in the near future there will be next to no telephone interaction from the beginning of the claim until its completion, it will be handled entirely online using existing technology utilised in a new way. From the initial report of the incident and accident circumstances by the claimant, the hire of a vehicle, damage assessment through to repair authorization and so on.’ Sean McAuley

‘The ABP expo was a good way to integrate with the industry and see new methods and materials. This helps us understand processes that the repairer provides once a vehicle goes into a repairer.’ Tim Ellis

‘I Listened to an interesting seminar on the future of the claims industry and the fact that  all of the process are in place for it to be a completely online process but no one has put it all together yet…’ Ed Mawdsley

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