Does a 6 hour working day increase productivity?

At the beginning of February we introduced a 6 hour working day within our In-House Engineering team. This came off the back of our Engineering Manager, Lee Baty, watching the ITV tonight show Shirkers or Workers?

The premise of the show and the theory is that working less hours will increase the productivity of staff – staff will be more effective in 6 hours rather than 8.

We put it into practice with a view to rolling it out across the company if it works. Well, so far so good!

The team have completed over 600 queries within the two week period increasing from the previously confirmed 247 per week an increase of around 21% (with a team member off all week)

The team have answered 89% of their calls which is up from the 83.5% in the two weeks leading up the trial.

Above all, motivation and morale is through the roof which is very important to us at Laird.

We’re continuing to trial this so watch this space!

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