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Miss H of Preston

Miss H was involved in a near fatal accident whilst crossing a road as a pedestrian. Her injuries were catastrophic and were life changing due to the severity. The circumstances of the accident and available witness evidence were such, that liability was always going to be denied. This proved to the case with the third party insurer.

The circumstances of the accident were such that the claimant had walked from behind a stationary vehicle into the path of an ongoing vehicle. The allegation from the third party insurer was that the claimant was “in drink” and had simply not paid attention.

This accident was in November in the evening on a B road. Therefore in order to give the claimant a chance of any recovery whatsoever it would be necessary to gather all available evidence as to the locus of the accident. In this instance the claimant was unable to help as she simply had no recollection of the accident.

I contacted Christine Baty at laird assessors and advised her of the circumstances of the accident and the stance taken by the insurers.

After a very lengthy conversation Christine it was clear that she had quickly grasped what was needed in relation to evidence from the scene. She liaised with the site inspection engineer as to what was required. This included a clear and paginated bundle of photographs which, clearly gives in ones mind, an appreciation of how this unfortunate accident occurred. In addition the report included measurements of the road and road signs that could greatly assist in the determination of liability.

After conference, Counsel commented on the contents of the report and the professionalism shown and involvement of Christine at Laird assessors who in is his opinion had been instrumental in creating a piece of evidence that could persuade the Court to find in the claimants favour in what is a £1,000,000 damages case.

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