Vehicle Valuations

Our Vehicle Experts provide an accurate, researched and independent valuation of a vehicle to ensure an accurate valuation. We provide valuations for cars, bikes, classic carssupercars & other specialist vehicles for a variety of purposes such as insurance, reinsurance, probate, divorce proceedings, pre-purchase and post-repair.

Car Valuation Disputes

Vehicle Valuations can raise disputes between owners and various third parties. Perhaps an Insurance Company or Third Party has written the vehicle off. It could be an end of lease contract, proceeds of crime, confiscation order, probate or diminution in value for example.

We aim to assist resolve such issues by either undertaking a thorough inspection of the vehicle or considering documentation if the vehicle isn’t available (e.g. stolen, destroyed, etc). We can then provide an independent assessment based on make, model and a variety of other factors.

Car Valuation Assessments

Our engineers have a vast knowledge of all vehicle types and have access to numerous databases including Glass’s Guide, CAP, Parkers Guide, DVLA and MotorChecks. Our engineers will also cross reference any data with market trends ensuring values are current and accurate.

Our reports are Civil Procedures Compliant for use in Court & our car valuation appraisers are qualified expert witnesses who can support their car valuation with oral evidence when required.

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