Senior Forensic Engineer celebrates 15 years with Laird

We speak to senior forensic engineer, Matthew Halton after 15 years at Laird Assessors, who started on September 10th 2001.

“Wow, 15 years with LAL. They say time flies when you are having fun and enjoying the things you do. This has certainly been the case for me. It’s been fantastic to have watched the company grow from humble beginnings to an amazing nationwide motor engineering company.

I have much admiration for the man at the helm that never let me lose sight of the fundamentals in providing great service. It’s been my pleasure to be part of LAL from the beginning. Nik, you are a great friend to me and mentor. (This is not licking the bosses bum by the way!)

Remember my second day indeed, Nik and I along with everyone else in the world was glued to their TV screens watching sadly the unfolding events in New York City.

It has truly been a family like experience for me. It’s had its up and downs, happy and sad times, marriages, births, colleagues who have come and gone and the passing of dear friends…

But of course there were happier and amusing times, like…

  • Nik sending me to a garage in Manchester, “watch out for the dog”, he said; he ‘abused’ me that last time I was there…..

  • Watching lads scarper in garages when we would pull up in a black Vectra outside thinking were some sort of officials.

  • Leaning back on an electric fence in Manchester Waste and been catapulted onto me backside.

  • Getting back to the office and opening a Saint Patricks day card, me thinking “that’s really thoughtful of Nik and James” only to have the c#@p scared out of me by a flying butterfly!

  • Twickenham, Nik doing voice over on the chap behind the goal posts… I did hurt with the laughter that day.

  • Camping F1, star gazing.. leave that one there!

  • Flying to Norfolk from Manchester for a meeting and asking the flight steward, why do we need life jackets? – I still ask that question…

For me LAL represents a company that provide and continue to provide support and understanding to its entire staff in any situation. There’s nothing we can’t sort. This is what we endeavour to pass on to our clients and customers creating long lasting relationships with a professional and independent service. The company has a professionalism that knows no bounds. It inspires confidence in its people and that ethos is reflected in the continual business from our clients which has allowed us to grow into a highly respected and forward thinking engineering company in the UK.

Anyway, you know how I like to rabbit on and on…… Got to get back to work….”

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