Pre-purchase Car Inspections

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You wouldn’t buy a house without having a survey, so why buy a car without having it professionally examined? There are so many cars with a hidden history and faults that it would be unwise to simply buy a second hand car and hope that it is fine.

Many motor dealers will carry out basic checks which often miss costly faults. 1 in 5 cars fail their first MoT test, with the cost of rectification often significantly outweighing the cost of an engineer’s pre-purchase car inspection report.  It makes economical sense to have a car inspected not to mention the peace of mind knowing the car is in a safe and good condition.

Cars with accident damage which has been repaired will not be recorded on vehicle databases such as HPI so only a thorough inspection of the body, chassis and paintwork can reveal whether the car has an unrecorded accident history.  Cars with accident damage are susceptible to poor performance from misalignment, premature wear of components, mismatched paintwork as re-painted parts fade at differing rates and in the worst cases serious safety issues caused by metal fatigue, weld failure or chassis misalignment.

Our engineers will determine not just whether there are faults, but will detail any signs of wear or tear which can cost a new buyer heavily.  Even minor oil or fluid leaks can be the sign of a pending component failure.

Our UK wide engineers check over 200 items during a car inspection including the engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, electrics, mechanicals, interior, body & paintwork. We then provide a full report with details of any items which require attention or are likely to in the near future, with our recommendations to take the appropriate action.

Please call 0151 342 9961 or email us here to obtain a quote for your car or to simply ask for more information.

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