Laird offer “Without Prejudice Quick Advice”

Here at Laird Assessors Limited we pride ourselves on providing a service that is both efficient and independent on matters relating to road traffic incidents.

Apart from undertaking vehicle damage inspections and compiling Vehicle Damage Assessment Reports on vehicles involved in Road Traffic Incidents, we regularly receive instructions from our work providers seeking our independent expert opinion on issue’s dealing with:

  • Consistency of damage
  • Causation / Occupancy movement / LVI
  • Version of events

Needless to say the quality of the information /documentation provided to the engineer is essential to establishing characteristics that allow the engineer to link, for instance, whether:

  • The vehicles have actually come into contact with each other or not as alleged.
  • Is the damage sustained resultant from a Low Velocity impact?
  • Could the damage have been sustained as been suggested by either party?

Over the many years reviewing instructions relating to issues arising from collisions, it continually surprises me to see incident dates going back, in some cases, two, three years ago where at the eleventh hour full CPR compliant reports are being requested which are expensive and time intense. It seems common sense would dictate that a resolution could be reached at an earlier stage.

Of course both parties on opposing sides of the claim in hand will point the finger at each other, blaming one another for delays in disclosing documentation /images.

Here at Laird Assessors we understand the need for prompt and accurate independent responses to complex issues that are sometimes raised by the parties involved. Just like our extremely fast turnaround on Accident Damage Report we feel that a similar turnaround can be achieved with interim report / Advice Report.

With this in mind, our forensic team of engineers at Laird Assessors can provide our work principals with an Interim / Advice reports that summarize in detail the engineer’s opinions / conclusions on the issues in hand.

This format of report would allow both parties (provided that they have communicated amicably and disclosed documentation/images to each other at the earliest opportunity) to have a rapid independent and professional expert opinion on the issues raised and therefore;

  • Reducing associated costs on files that accrue over months and years.
  • Avoid unnecessary litigation, proceedings
  • Obtain a professional expert opinion optimising their internal resources.
  • An Interim report costs significantly less than a full CPR compliant Report with a faster turnaround.
  • Allowing both parties to assess the claim at the outset with confidence.

So what type of information does our engineer need to compile a WOP Interim / Advice Reports

  • Good quality coloured images for the vehicles involved in Jpeg format.
  • Full incident circumstances.
  • Copy of the parties witness statements.
  • Full Incident locus details
  • Copy of sketch plan drawings.

Our expert forensic engineering team here at Laird Assessors are readily equipped to provide this alternative rapid response to you which would assist in determining the best course of action with issues such as Consistency of damage, Version of events and LVI.

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