Laird Assessors are partnering with National Car Auctions…

We understand the added stress customers experience when left with a damaged vehicle and contacting numerous salvage operators in their local area. Laird Assessors are partnering with National Car Auctions who specialise in total loss management assisting customers in disposing of their vehicles.  We can also help with moving vehicles to free storage where applicable.

National Car Auction is a swift and professional total loss management service specialising in:

·         Secure Vehicle Document Management

·         Total Loss Disposal

·         Licensed and approved network of salvage agents

·         Moving vehicles to  free storage

Utilising National Car Auctions will ensure your clients achieve the maximum price for their vehicle salvage whilst handling all the paperwork and informing the DVLA in a professional and swift manner.

Instead of letting your customer shop around local agents why not utilise this completely free service by contacting our dedicated salvage team on 0151 342 0592 or 0333 700 4477
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