Laird Assessors joins the national consumer week

This week sees the start of National Consumer week and Laird Assessors are getting behind their month long campaign to raise awareness about buying a used car.

Seventy three per cent of consumers contacting the consumer service about used car sales were asking for advice about faulty cars. This is the most common problem people are experiencing – which is frustrating seeing as there are so many ways to avoid buying a ‘dodgy’ car:

Check MOT certificate – indicates if car is roadworthy.
Check service history – shows if car has been maintained.
Check V5 registration document – shows if car is stolen.
Check if car is a write-off – helps you know what you are buying.
Check finance history – ensures car doesn’t have an outstanding hire purchase agreement (
Test drive and walk around check – for signs the car isn’t what it seems.
Get engineer’s check – shows condition of car and any hidden dangers.
Check price value guide – indicates reasonable price to pay.
Check car is not recalled – shows if car was recalled for safety reasons by manufacturer.

We offer Pre-purchase inspections anywhere across the UK so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are buying a good quality car and getting value for money.  Simply call 0151 342 9961 for more information.

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