Engineering Service Advisor

Are you awesome, like working in a team & have a work hard / play hard attitude?

Then you’ll probably thrive in Laird Assessors.  Here’s why:  We have a team of motor engineers dotted around the UK who examine cars, mainly crashed ones.  They compile expert reports which are required generally for insurance or legal purposes.  We need people to help them.

You may want to join our Logistics Team, looking after the engineers, helping them to find & report on the cars and giving excellent customer service to our clients.  Have you ever been the extra mile?  We go an extra two.  Sometimes three.

You may be interested in cars & want to learn more. Then the In-House Engineers Team is for you.  There’s a hell of a lot of new stuff in cars these days & we can teach you all about it.  You’ll learn about our cutting edge tech that we use to produce reports & estimates.

You may sit somewhere between to start with in which case our Query Team will be right up your street.  You’ll learn about cars, estimating, tech, insurance & stuff like that.

You might start in one team but progress to another. You get out of Laird what you put into it.

The Laird team

So what’s it like to join us?

Well for starters you’ll find we’re very relaxed & flexible.  Hours are very fluid to suit you, as are holidays.  No dress code.  Bring your dog – bring your goldfish if it makes you happy.

Our teams bond because they play together. From company ski trips to Go-Karting, from a pint in the local pub to attending award ceremonies, we have a lot of fun outside work too.

We’re keen on listening to ideas & reward creativity. We know we’re not perfect & love to constantly improve – everyone can help in that process.  You’ll be trained by us, you’ll be encouraged to ask stuff, you’ll be continually developing personally.  You’ll be taught by the best (oh yeah we’ve won our fair share of awards).

Laird Assessors Dragon Boat race team

What are you going to do about it?

Send us a quick letter that’s going to grab our attention.  Be funny, be rude, be clever, whatever – just don’t be boring.  Attach a CV if you have one.  Send it to Lee Baty

Look forward to hearing form you!

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