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This week we welcomed Robert Phillips and Ethan Carbutt to our In House and Query team at Laird Assessors for work experience. It is a chance for them to stand out from the crowd when applying for other jobs going forward. It has been a pleasure to have them both on board, this is what they had to say about their experience…

Rob Phillips

I was welcomed with opened arms on my first day at Laird Assessors. All the staff have helped me and treated me like one of their colleagues. They have provided me with all the facilities that are open to the staff.

During my work experience at Lairds  I have looked at Diminution in Value, we examine the vehicle and consider the type, extent and cost of repairs, together with the vehicles market desirability, value and age and provide an opinion on the likely percentage drop in value. I have enjoyed searching the internet for similar cars with similar mileage and then coming up with an estimate for the car I have been assessing.

I have also been doing desktop reports using Audatex and Glassmatix estimating systems were I can negotiate repair costs and authorise repairs pretty quickly and effectively. I have enjoyed using these software’s in my work and gaining the experience with the help from the Laird Assessors workers.

One of my favourite things to do was learn and do the low velocity impact reports which is examining the damage to vehicles involved in an accident and establish whether the occupants are likely to have encountered these affects while under the normal driving conditions.  Also I enjoyed listening on the phone calls with your principals and calling the garages, regarding different vehicles.

Ethan Carbutt

I have really enjoyed doing my work experience in Laird Assessors, I was shocked to realise how welcoming and joyful the members of staff are. You will always have a laugh whilst doing the task that has been set. This meant that everyday I was looking forward coming to work and seeing different members of staff and getting on with the work, they always made me feel welcomed and this meant I was more confident talking to new people.

In addition, I was able to go into the different departments of the business such as Desktop and Query. In Desktop Jake and Mike talked me through the process of Desktop Vehicle Reports, then the showed me the different types of systems they used e.g. Audatex, I also listened into the phone calls they made learning what the they and how they should say it and finally I learnt what is required for a desktop to be completed. After that I talked with Adam about desktop reports, the importance’s of correct factors, we spoke to different garages regarding the estimates and he explained the importance of correct figures on a repair authority and the report.

In the Query department I was with Sean and he talked me through how to answer query’s correctly, also he taught me how to price different cars depending on all different factors and he had me listening into calls, where I learnt how to correctly speak to the clients in a formal manner. Overall I really enjoyed my time working here and I am thankful for them allowing me to complete my work experience with your company.

This week we welcomed Emma Wickstead and Dylan Bullas to our Graphic Design department at Whitfield Business for work experience. It is a chance for them to stand out from the crowd when applying for other jobs going forward.  It has been a pleasure to have them both on board, this is what they had to say about their experience…

Dylan Bullas 

During my time working here at Whitfield I have enhanced my skills in IT using Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, as I used it to complete some of the tasks that were set for me.

Out of the two departments that are in the business hub I can say that I have enjoyed the Graphics side far more as its let me use my imagination and creativity to create logos, banners and photo collages.  People that work in the office welcomed me like I had been working here for a number of years, this obviously making my time here more enjoyable rather than nerve wracking.

When it came to the work that I was set it was safe to say it was challenging when it came to using programs that I had minimal experience using (Photoshop) but I made the most of what knowledge I had to complete them to the best of my ability.

My time working here has made me realise that I can adapt to the various working environments of everyday life and also I can be independent when I need to be in all types of situations.  These are things I didn’t realise I could do before this week.  I am happy to say that I have enjoyed my week working with the people at Whitfield and hopefully the skills that I have built upon and learnt throughout this week can be carried on into my future careers and jobs that I take on. I am thankful for the people here for allowing me to do so.

Emma Wickstead 

Whilst at Whitfield Business, I have gathered a wider knowledge on how to use Photoshop; how to manipulate an image I am using to transform it into a unique logo. I have learnt to group certain ideas to certain quotes and slogans so my logo stands out and is significant to the field it lies within.

Whilst designing the logos, I was given a choice to use computer software or to use pens or pencils.  I designed one of my logos on photoshop and the rest on paper.  I found it quicker to use Photoshop.  I enjoy drawing more than using the mouse.  When i did draw the logos however they were more time consuming.

What I have taken from this experience is to keep my options open to fields of work I may be interested in, in the future.  I have enjoyed looking into other areas in this field as I enjoy the creative side of it.

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