National Employee Appreciation Day

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So today is National Employee Appreciation Day and we wanted to do something a little different here.  We always talk about how our staff make our company and we are like a family here so it’s very important to us to recognise this day.

Yesterday all our Managers wrote individual cards to each of their team members expressing their gratitude and appreciation and they were hand delivered this morning.  This has been followed up by a lovely email from the boss man himself…

Good Morning

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day.  A day when all the lovely bosses the length & breadth of the land have a chance to express their appreciation for all the lovely people who do all the hard work.

Some firms may do it out of duty but I think what we have here is something very special, so I’m made up to do NEA day.  OK we have our ups & downs, and part of my job is to monitor & fix problems.  Some people see this as negative, but it’s all part of our learning process – we strive to make processes better & understand why things went wrong to hopefully prevent the same mishaps occurring in the future.

22 of us went skiing last week, mainly from here & I have to say it couldn’t have gone better.  Everyone got on so well, had such great fun & bonded even more than before & I think that says something about us as a company; in fact ‘team’ is probably a more appropriate word.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of you for many years, some over a decade, whilst others have joined just this week.  We’ve tried our very best to recruit like-minded people based on attitude & aptitude and I have to say that we’ve built up an amazing team.  I love the way we genuinely help, support & encourage each other & rest assured we have been & will continue to build on the great things we have achieved; training, personal development, development plans & goals, delegated authority, flexible working, as deep involvement in the firm as you desire, and much more besides.

So as a little thank you, (& definitely not because I feel guilty about forgetting it last week) Brunch on the Boss is open to everyone today.  Have brunch, lunch, Smoothies, Pizza delivery, fill your boots!  Whilst your munching, please know that whilst I may not say it very much (being a bloke) each & every one of you are part of an awesome team & very highly appreciated.

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