Laird Introduces AI-Powered Voicebot for 24/7 Support

Laird voicebot

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Laird is at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of an AI-powered voicebot. Designed to provide a seamless 24/7 service to clients and the repair industry supply chains, this cutting-edge solution aims to advance their already award-winning customer support.

Laird’s voicebot, integrated into their smart database platform Swiftcase, is set to transform the customer service experience.

Enhancing Accessibility and Integration

The AI-powered voicebot is geared towards solving common queries by seamlessly integrating into Laird’s smart database platform, Swiftcase. Clients who are already familiar with the Laird portal will appreciate the added benefit of secure access to their data. Moreover, the system allows for varied levels of access, extending its utility to supply chain entities such as bodyshops, salvage agents, and brokers.

Complementing Existing Technologies

Laird has already incorporated chatbots in specific areas, like Total-Loss agreements, and the voicebot is positioned to complement these existing technologies. With the ability to send reports, authority notes, images, and respond to inquiries using natural language supported by ChatGPT Plus, Laird is taking a holistic approach to customer interaction.

Extended Operational Hours

The voicebot will initially be deployed during non-working hours, from 5.30 pm to 8.30 am and weekends, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility. Currently capable of addressing and satisfying around 80% of queries and requests, the system’s efficiency is expected to improve over time as it learns and undergoes optimisation by Laird’s team.

Human Touch for Unresolved Queries

Recognising its limitations, the voicebot intelligently diverts the remaining 20% of queries to human intervention. In such cases, the system captures contact details for a callback by a Laird team member the following morning, ensuring a personalized and human touch to unresolved matters.

Director’s Perspective

Nik Ellis, Director at Laird, acknowledges that while the voicebot may not be flawless, achieving an 80% success rate in addressing requests outside regular working hours is a significant stride. Nik notes, “Having taken advantage of the benefits of AI in many other areas of the business, we feel this is a natural step to enhance our customer service and assist our clients with consumer duties.”

Laird’s venture into AI-powered customer service represents a forward-looking approach to technology integration. As the voicebot takes its place alongside existing tools, it not only augments operational efficiency but also demonstrates Laird’s commitment to providing continuous and accessible support to its clients and supply chain partners. The journey toward a more technologically advanced and customer-centric future has just begun for Laird, and the possibilities are undoubtedly exciting.

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