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Being positioned within the market as a leading supplier for some of the countries largest and most reputable Accident Management and Credit Hire Organisations we have taken a look back as to how this has been achieved.

Utilising our bespoke IT infrastructure and learning and developing from long standing commercial relationships  has allowed us to build and develop our bespoke innovative solutions for the industry as a whole specifically around the needs and requirements of the industry as a whole.

This flexible approach to innovative solutions and external offerings has allowed us to build & constantly improve existing operations and innovative solutions to include a few; Claim Triage, Repair Management, Repair Deployment fully automated 24/7 365 booking facilities. These bespoke services have proven to improve key-to-key (K2K) times of Claims, Repair Deployment and repair settlement.

We’re passionate about providing services and operations that suit the needs of the industry and our clients as a whole this has allowed us to be a market leader. Our entire services and offerings can be completely tailored to meet the demands of the industry or indeed the bespoke nature of some customers in most scenarios understanding the needs of the customer from the outset ensures an improved customer journey & significantly increased K2K times

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