Technical Customer Service Advisor

Who Are We?

We’re the UK’s premier Automotive Expert Witness provider based in Heswall, Wirral, with our staff motor engineers covering the entire country.

We have a diverse client base from the Legal, Insurance & Motor Industries where we’ve cultivated a pretty good reputation. We’ve even won a fair few awards along the way. No secret to our success; simply happy, motivated & well trained staff producing high quality work.

Our teams strive to provide five star customer service & in particular go that extra mile, just to impress.

We believe everyone should love what they do, so we’re committed to investing in each other, inside work & outside too.

Having a passion to evolve ensures that we stay at the forefront of our rapidly changing industry. Our teams created our company values together & continue to tweak them regularly. We don’t believe in telling our staff what to do because we want them to help shape our company by truly valuing and enjoying their work.

We have a work smart, play hard attitude, with flexible hours, bonus schemes, training, pensions & personal development. Outside work we throw great parties & events, get involved in lots of great stuff (often for charity), have an annual ski trip, plus loads of other fun stuff.


What do we need?

A Technical Customer Service Advisor;  we are looking for someone with a keen interest in the motor/insurance industry and a passion to constant develop and evolve.  You will be at the forefront of our after-service supporting our engineers and taking part in our bespoke training plan to learn new skills along the way.


Who Are You?

You will ideally have experience and understanding of the motor/insurance industry as well as a keen interest in cars. Computer literacy is important but so is the human side; you must be able to liaise & communicate effectively with a wide range of other humans.

You must have a passion for continual personal development, keeping abreast of the increasingly fast advancements in vehicle tech & materials.

We don’t expect you to know everything & we do give comprehensive,  ongoing, training.


What now?

Get in touch.  If you’re keen to be part of an evolving and growing business please contact Lee Baty for more information

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