Locus Reports

We will visit the site of the accident or injury site and compile an accurate and comprehensive CPR compliant Locus Report

Our goal is to add value to your client’s by strengthening the evidence that underpins their case, our reports can dramatically improve your prospects of success in many cases.  A focused approach to evidence gathering can make the difference in overcoming liability issues.

We will visit the site of the accident, with the insured driver, claimant, client, etc if required, and thoroughly examine, photograph and measure the widths of the roads, distances and any other relevant measurements.


We will consider how the traffic flows, the directions of movement in order to provide a report which will really take the Court to the scene.

Our comprehensive locus report includes details on the traffic systems, road rules and regulations including speed limits, road layout, obstructions, roadside furniture, road surface, gradients and any other useful information.

We regularly customise our locus reports to show specific requirements, such as the line of sight from a junction or the view from a distant witness. We can calculate time taken at a certain speed to cross these distances.

We also use the same techniques to examine a personal injury site e.g a slip and trip location.

Why do you need a Locus Report?

Although most personal injury or RTA claims are settled before court proceedings are even commenced, it is always wise to work on the basis that the claim may have to proceed to a trial. At a trial, it will be expected that evidence is produced to support each and every fact that you want the court to find in support of your clients claim.

If liability is in dispute or you are going to trial, then it’s imperative that you are well armed with solid evidence in order to maximise your chances of success.  An area sometimes criticised by judges is failing to assist the court by obtaining photographic evidence to demonstrate the client’s version of events along with an accurate sketch plan. Whilst it is unlikely that you would lose a case just because you don’t have a locus report, it does increase the risk of failure.

Our Locus Report Package includes:

  • Highly qualified & fully trained staff engineer to carrying out a physical examination of the accident site (the locus).
  • Exact measurements of the road and any salient distances (e.g. point of view) and details of how the traffic moves throughout the site.
  • High-resolution photographs of the scene, showing views from the Claimant, Defendant, Witness and any other views required or considered useful.
  • The full-colour report includes a useful description of the locus, including speed limits, topography, street layout, road markings, measurements and road furniture (lamp posts, seats, etc), aerial photographs and a sketch plan.
  • Fast turnaround on the mainland the UK.
  • CPR complaint reports for use in litigation and court.
  • Upgrades include video, 3D animation & accident reconstruction.
  • Assists in settling pre-litigation disputes.

‘ I commissioned a locus plan,  photographs and video evidence of the locus which was  prepared by Lairds very promptly, to a very high standard and with a great deal of care and professionalism. I would be very happy to recommend their services’

Romilly Houghton – Irvings


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