Low Velocity Impact / Causation

Our experts analyse the factors surrounding an accident and provide an independent report upon the likelihood and magnitude of any injuries.

By examining the damage to vehicles involved in an accident our experts are able to establish whether the occupants are likely to have encountered movement beyond those experienced under normal driving conditions.


The level of intrusion to the structure of the vehicle determines pertinent factors including rate of change in velocity (delta v) and speed of impact. Once these are calculated our experts are then able to determine the magnitude of the impact and whether the occupants involved will have sustained involuntary movement which can assist the Court in deciding whether genuine injury is involved.


Many whiplash type injuries are thought to occur when the head is subjected to the rapid acceleration caused by the abnormal forces acting upon the vehicle due to a collision. In particular, the rate of acceleration or retardation.

Alternatively, we are frequently asked to scrutinize third party reports in order to check their accuracy and conclusions, which can often be misleading and flawed in their content. We also check the mathematical modelling of such reports and advise whether they are correct and what assumptions have been made.




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