Accident Damage Reports

Clearly identified, salient details backed by comprehensive vehicle data and damage details. CPR compliant reports compiled by our own staff motor assessors. Fast turnaround in England. Read more


Low Velocity Impact

Was the accident likely to have caused injuries? Our expert motor assessors analyse factors such as the vehicle damage, impact speed, magnitude, etc and provide a comprehensive & accurate report. Read more


Diminution in Value

Is a car worth as much after it has had accident repairs? Our motor engineers will assess the car and provide a thorough diminution report detailing how much a vehicle's value has been affected. Read more


Free Diminution Check

Enter your details to get a free Diminution in value check. We will assess the details of the accident and provide an opinion as to whether a vehicle's value has diminshed as a result of repairs. Read more

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Desktop Reports

Our in-house motor engineers provide rapid-turnaround, low-cost reports for high volume claims processing. Read more


Vehicle Valuation Disputes

Vehicle valuations can have a tendency to raise disputes between owners and various third parties whether it be the result of an insurance write off, end of lease contract or any other reason! Read more


Accident Reconstruction

Need to know how an accident occured? What was the speed of the cars? Who was to blame? Let our motor experts assess the evidence and provide clear answers for you to use in Court. Read more

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Vehicle Data Check

A vehicle data check informs you if a vehicle has been recorded as total loss, recorded as stolen, has outstanding finance or involved in any road traffic accident claims. Read more


Post Repair Inspections

Our motor engineers will examine a vehicle after repairs have been completed to assess whether they have been carried out to an acceptable standard, safely and as per the original estimate or report. Read more

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Criminal Reports

Laird's Motor Experts are able to assist with a number of vehicle related crime including motoring offences, proceeds of crime, identification of stolen vehicles / parts, vehicle clocking or criminal damage to name but a few. Read more

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Interim Forensic Report

Our forensic team of motor engineers at Laird Assessors can provide our work principals with Interim / Advice reports that summarize in detail the engineer’s opinions / conclusions on the issues in hand. Read more


Fleet Management

At Laird Expert we understand the importance of speed and mitigation of costs when looking after your fleet of vehicles, thus reducing the risk of extended hire bills and inflated repair costs. Read More