Recruiting : Engineer Liaison Supervisor

Recruit Engineer Liaison

The engineering liaison team sit at the forefront of our business and handle all incoming communications, between our engineers, clients and supply chain. The team and company ethos is built on exceptional customer service and efficiency.

The supervisor will be heavily inclusive within the team and will be primarily responsible for the day to day running of the team and more specifically below tasks

  • Co-ordinating team resources based on peaks/troughs of work
  • Ensuring a smooth day to day running of the team including lunches, breaks etc
  • Ensuring all queues and cases are dealt with in line with our company ethos and expectation
  • Liaise with field engineers to maximise efficiency of their routes


Laird are a little different and invest in leaders as opposed to managers, we’re therefore looking for someone unique in this area and is passionate about getting the most out of their staff by bottom up management style. Our leadership style has proven that empowering, inclusion and motivation are paramount to a high performing team. We are really looking for someone to continue this approach but also not afraid to address issues in a fair and transparent approach.

On a typical day to day you’ll usually be first logged in, analysing queues, workloads and resources to put a brief plan in place. It’s important to note plans change and the ability to flex and reform around priorities is paramount. Setting the team up and providing a solid foundation including forecasting ahead will be extremely important. the supervisor will assist with this plan but will also ensure the company ethos and values are met on each case including professionalism but personality. The supervisor should extract as much of this personality as possible.

Whilst operating with a bottom up leadership style, it is paramount that matters as part of the senior team are dealt with as such and treated confidential, being there for the team is important but without encouraging gossip or idle chit chat. We want to promote a real get shit done attitude with a fair and transparent approach to staff

In a nutshell theres no set rule no set way of doing things but our ultimate goals are more than satisfied clients plus an appreciated, driven & motivated team.

In the first instance, please send us your CV with a covering letter outlining why you’d like to join us – click here to submit.

The roll is full time, with Working From Home available after an initial period.  Salary is negotiable depending upon experience & qualifications.  Pension, Salary Sacrifice & other benefits are offered.

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