Save your firm time & money with our API

Fed up with Third Party Capture?  Want to know salient information as soon as we’ve seen the car?

These are just some of the many benefits of upgrading to our advanced reporting system.  Our cloud based software connects easily to most popular case management systems (such as Proclaim) giving a host of useful tools at your fingertips.

New Booking System reduces Third Party Capture

When you send an instruction now, you’ll be given instant availability of our expert.  You can book their appointment, there & then, with your client in front of you or on the phone.  This saves the administration time at your end & ours, together with reducing the possibility of the client being uncontactable an hour or two later.  Consequently this greatly reduces the risk of a Third Party capturing your client.

Is the client entitled to a hire car?  Will LVI be an issue?  Do we send it to a repairer or scrap yard?

Traditionally these important pieces of information would only be known once the report was delivered, often the day after the inspection.  Now your system will update with important information whilst our engineer is actually examining the car.  You’ll now know instantly whether the vehicle is roadworthy (thus a decision can be made on hire), how hard the vehicle has been hit (giving an idea of the level of injuries) and whether it is likely to be a total loss or repair (so that it can be sent to a salvage agent or repairer immediately).  The full report will then follow later.

What Else?

This cutting edge system ensures instant transfer of data, 100% accuracy, with reports being delivered directly back into your system.  There are fail-safe routines built in to ensure the incoming data is present & correct.  The entire log of events can be viewed on our system & copy reports & letters downloaded.

Sounds Great.  How do we set it up?

We provide your IT department with clear, tried & tested coding, which can be added to your system with a few days.  We can talk them through any aspect & provide support during the procedure.  We test it together first & only switch it live when you’re fully happy with the process. Simply contact our Business Development team here.