Principal Portal

Via this website you have access to your own account where you can send new instructions for any of our services and also view the live status of all of your current cases. You can book an inspection, download a report, letters, photographs, or simply see where we’re at with your instruction by looking at our activity notes log.

From your portal, you also have the ability to manage your users, contact your account manager and view important metrics.

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API Integration

We understand that speed, quality and accuracy is of the upmost importance to you and your customer. We have invested heavily in our IT systems and built an API which will connect our systems allowing for increased speed and accuracy.

Have an instruction sent at the touch of a button, receive a report back with the data populated automatically into your Claims Management System (CMS), use our Booking Table you can book your client’s inspection immediately (reducing the risk of third party capture whilst improving client satisfaction).

Our user-friendly and functional IT system can link directly to your Claims Management System allowing data to be transferred seamlessly and accurately in real time. This can be done pretty easily and we will arrange for our IT departments to get together to implement at your request.  Please fill in our quick contact form by clicking the below button and we’ll be in touch soon.

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It’s really easy to start instructing us on any of our services.  Simply give us a call on 0151 342 9961 or email

All we’ll ask you to do is sign our standard terms of business and you’re all set-up.

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