Supercar Experts

Super-cars by their very nature tend to be built with the very latest technology, often passed down from developments within motor-sports.

shutterstock_37007452It would be unwise to have a standard body shop or garage repair such a vehicle due to the specific and often unique technology, parts or materials found on super-cars. ¬†Likewise we would not recommend a ‘standard’ assessor trying to work out what has happened to a super-car; they need a high level of understanding and training from specialised engineers who understand super-cars and their cutting edge build and technology.

We are specialised in assessing accident damaged super cars having had extensive training in their construction, combined with a sound working knowledge of how they are meant to drive, sound, feel.

We have gained this with the assistance of Damon Hill’s P1 Super-Car club and over the last few years Ecurie 25 Super-Car clubs, giving us extensive and first hand experience of super-cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes AMG & BMW M cars. ¬†As current British GT sponsors we have the rare opportunity to have in depth experience of not only how these vehicles are built but also how they crash.

Supercar Valuations

Super-cars are rarely featured in guides that other assessors have access to such as Glass’s Guide, CAP Guide, Parkers Guide, so specialist knowledge is required to provide correct valuations which encompass all of the varied options and upgrades often found on super-cars.