Motorcycle Engineers

We have a dedicated team of motorbike assessors providing expert motorcycle inspections.

Andy Ryan Motorbiek

Motorcycle Riders

Our Motorcycle team not only know how to professionally examine motorbikes, they also ride them on a daily basis and live and breathe motorcycles both at work and at play. Having a dedicated motorcycle team as part of our engineering department gives our clients unrivalled access to technical information from competent engineers and also from fellow bikers. This has given Laird Assessors a unique advantage over our competition as we have dedicated experts that understand the true value of you or your client’s pride and joy. When speaking to our motorcycle team a rider will not have to explain the intricate workings of a motorcycle as you normally have to do so with an engineer that is not familiar with these vehicles as a specialist subject.

Motorsport & Extras

Our Motorcycle team also have a sound working knowlege of all of the extras, non-standard and performance enhancing parts that can be fitted to stock machines and can associate a more realistic value for the repair or replacement of such items or in the event that a motorcycle is a total loss can value the motorcycle including these extras.