Our Language Experts

We select from the most highly qualified Interpreters & Translators across the country to suit your client requirements.


We are experts at working with the Legal sector in sourcing the correct language expert for your needs.  We review all requirements thoroughly to ensure that we supply the most appropriate solution, from the service type to the language expert.

You may require a face to face solution or over the telephone conference call – with or without an Investigator to take a Witness Statement.  We offer a one-stop shop solution allowing you to focus on your case.

We offer on-site interpreting getting all the relevant qualified people in one place, with your client, with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption to you.  This can be at your office, at your client’s address, at a medical appointment – simply let us know the address and we will take care of the rest.  Our qualified Interpreters have the relevant experience to coherently and efficiently relay complex subject matter from one language into another.   Whilst over the telephone interpreting may be suitable in some instances, on-site interpreting may be more appropriate when human interaction and visual contact is required.

Arranging and managing translations can be a complex and time-consuming task.  Let us do it for you and all you have to do is email us your documents for translation.  We will source a certified translator and return your documents to you promptly with a signed certificate of declaration.

What’s the difference between an Interpreter & a Translator?

Interpretation is verbal communication.  Translation is written communication.

An Interpreter is used for face to face or over the telephone appointments and will facilitate between two parties of different languages.  Our Interpreters will often attend with an Investigator to help in taking a Witness Statement.

Translation is where you provide us with the documents that you require to be translated and we will return those documents to you in your chosen language.  These bookings generally take 72 hours to process (depending on the length of the document).