Every car tells a story, we just tell it better

Our engineers are unrivalled when it comes to expert knowledge of car inspections.

Laird Assessors May 14-122

Laird motor assessor inspecting a car

Whilst all of our engineers are fully trained in vehicle damage assessment and hold industry qualifications, we also have specialists in all of the divisions of automotive construction and repair.

For example, we have some experts who have specialised in heavy vehicle damage, dealing with chassis and body-shell damage; they need a comprehensive knowledge of the materials that go into the construction of a modern vehicle, such as high-strength and ultra high-strength steels, aluminium, carbon fibres, plastics and composites. ¬†We then have specialists in engines, their construction and components, experts in transmission and drive-trains (gearboxes), electric experts to analyse the various electronic control units (ECU’s airbags, passive & active safety systems, entertainment systems) found in modern vehicles, paint work specialists who have expert knowledge of the high bake manufacturer paint application process and repairers low bake refinishing techniques.

The importance of technical automotive knowledge is not only imperative for repairing accident damaged or mechanical failure vehicles, but for reconstructing accidents or even parts of accidents salient to a case.

For an initial, free assessment of any automotive situation, component failure, accident damage, repair issue or to book a vehicle inspection, please do not hesitate to call on 0151 342 9961 or click here.